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Friendly, common sense Health & Safety support that’s proportionate and relative to your business delivered on-site or remotely.

  • Logical and practical solutions so your business can continue to grow safely and with pride
  • Improve your working environment
  • Minimise risks for staff and increase well-being, engagement and productivity
  • Support can be retained ongoing or one off, short or long term – it’s your call

I make it workable, make it fit and make it happen! Services I can provide include:

Our Services

Health & Safety

It’s the one thing that most businesses wish would go away or or are not sure where to start so it often keeps dropping down the to-do list. Below are some of the Health & Safety matters I look at regularly for clients:

  • State of the Nation Health & Safety Audit of arrangements
  • Working with staff and management to promote a positive and healthy Health & Safety culture.
  • Strategic guidance on ways forward to help you plan and prioritise.
  • Advice on legislation and regulations that are relevant to you
  • Health & Safety Policies and Procedures
  • Fire Safety
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Machinery Risk Assessments
  • General Risk Assessments
  • Method Statements and Safe Systems of Work
  • Health & Safety Inspections
  • Manual Handling Training
  • Occupational Health Guidance
  • Stepladder and Ladder Training
  • Ladder Inspections
  • Induction Training
  • Desk Assessments
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Chemical Assessments
  • ...and lots more besides!

But the best bit is I don’t just leave you with mountains of paperwork – that never helped anybody on its own – I work with you to implement, train, monitor and get to where you need to be. I am there for as long or as little as you need me.

Risk Assessment

Whether you are an employer or self employed, you need to be assessing the risks that arise out of the work and activities that you do and your workplace.

Many people are fearful of what a risk assessment is. It’s really a common sense walkthrough to see what could cause harm and what you could do about that.

I work with you to sensibly assess the risks presented by your working environment and workplace activities. I then produce appropriate and useful documents to help you create a safe and compliant workplace for you and your employees and anyone else affected by your activities.

I have developed an easy-to-understand format for risk assessments and it really works – once I have started you off, you'll find that risk assessing and keeping things under control is nothing to be afraid of at all.

Audits & Inspections

Audits and inspections are a really good tool to help manage Health and Safety – this way I can identify areas for improvement swiftly and clearly.

An audit gives you peace of mind as well as valuable help for the future.

It is a one-off review of your current policies, culture, practices, records and documentation; a snapshot of where your Health & Safety is now and recommendations and signposts for where you might want to be.

Following the audit, you will receive an easy-to-understand report, delivered face-to-face, highlighting all the areas where you are doing well and areas where you may wish to consider changes – and this doesn’t always mean money has to be spent!

In plain English and with clear signposts, the report will also show you the most effective path to take moving forward, offering practical solutions and useful guidance. After that, it’s up to you – either you can implement the suggestions yourself, or I can help you to make your business healthy and safe.

Supporting you

All employers need to have someone competent to help them with their Health & Safety. The Health & Safety Executive define competent as someone with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to manage Health & Safety.

This could be any, or indeed a mix, of the following :

  • yourself
  • one or more of your workers
  • someone from outside your business

Nobody knows the business like the people who work there so home grown competent H&S is the best solution for many businesses. However, there are some things you may not be able to do for yourself and you may decide to get external help and that’s where I come in.

Everybody likes a package but to date I have not yet experienced any two clients with similar requirements. My approach is a face to face sit down to see what’s what for you. I will then be able to suggest several options that may fit what you need. Your business is individual so the Health & Safety support you need must be too.

Qualifications and Professional Bodies


BSc Hons Safety Health and Environment 2015 (Degree)

NEBOSH General Certificate Distinction 2013

NEBOSH Fire Safety and Fire Management Distinction 2014

BTEC Level 3 Advanced Manual Handling Assessor 2015

Advanced DSE Assessor 2014

IOSH Machinery Equipment and Risk Assessments 2015

Ladder Association – Ladder Inspector 2014

UKATA Asbestos Awareness 2013

IOSH Evacuation Chair Train the Trainer 2013

Commencing MSc Safety Health and Environment 2016 (Masters)

Professional Bodies

Institute of Safety and Health (IOSH) ‐ Graduate Member

International Institute of Risk And Safety Management (IIRSM) – Full Member

British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOSH) – Full Member

Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM) – Associate Member

Currently working towards Chartered Membership with IOSH (2016)

About Your Company Works

With over 10 years working at senior level as National Workplace Manager with one of the Big Four accountancy firms, Paula Santomauro set up Your Company Works in 2012 to provide bespoke and individual Health & Safety solutions to her clients.

Her clients are from many sectors and all sizes. From the micro business getting their house in order at the get-go to the Managing Director or Boards who realised the company had lost the threads of their Health & Safety system, Paula can make change happen.

Extensive hands-on experience in the field of Health & Safety, and a fresh pair of eyes on your Facilities Management and Building Services, you can depend on her to really make a difference!

Paula’s sunny disposition and engaging, committed manner help encourage change and bring confidence.

Paula Santomauro

What do my clients say?

"Paula provides thorough, professional, friendly, and dependable Health and Safety advice She delivers this in an enthusiastic, positive manner and is always willing to assist in finding best practice Paula’s knowledge and experience along with her expertise have helped us here at Arrow become not only compliant but have enthused an ethos of a positive health and safety culture which flourishes within the company I would thoroughly recommend Paula as I have found her to be a true asset who is diligent, honest and reliable."
Richard Briars, Arrow Electronics
"I would HIGHLY recommend Paula for any business who wish to take their company, be it large or small, into the minefield that is 'Health and safety'."
Richard Wilson, British Gardening Company Limited
"Paula has completely reviewed and reinstated our H & S systems: assessing risks, identifying and instigating training needs and setting up safe systems of working."
Kevin Driver, Lavenham Jackets
"Paula delivers every time. Paula is an extremely hard working, honest and diligent person. I very much look forward to working with her again soon."
Triston Russell, Amherst IT Consultants
"Working with Paula is a professional pleasure. Apart from delivering effective and valuable advice she has unlimited enthusiasm and passion - which enables vitally important Health & Safety messages to be effectively received and sustained."
Preston Currie, Ashen Manufacturing Support
"A very professional, knowledgeable and efficient exercise... to enable the company to meet its Health & Safety obligations."
Winfresh (UK) Limited
"Paula provides thorough, professional, and dependable Health and Safety advice across our Group of companies each of which has very different needs. She delivers this in an enthusiastic, positive and friendly manner and has made considerable progress in developing our policies and action plans and monitoring implementation at each of our sites."
Martin Large Chief Executive GLE Group
"Paula has been part of my team for nearly two years now and is always professional in her work but she is also a joy to work with because of her sunny disposition. I think this is important with H&S because it is a subject that people roll their eyes at when you raise the topic but Paula is very engaging. I never need to worry about deadlines when Paula is actioned to do a task even at short notice. She has completely overhauled Health & Safety in our workplace."
Fiona Combe, ERS Insurance
"Paula has been instrumental in implementing a brand new health and safety system for our company. Not only is it easily understandable, manageable and highly organised - it is also specific and tailored to our business needs. Paula is incredibly knowledgeable and professional - I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Your Company Works to any business."
Chris Starke, AE Petsche
“You can always rely on Paula to provide outstanding professional advice and support on the diverse range of Health & Safety requirements that exist in business today. The lengths she will go to in providing sensible constructive advice meets no bounds. She has always been passionate and driven whatever the complication or however unique the problem may be; she finds a resolution that meets our needs every time which is always delivered with a smile.”
Maureen See: Byways Group Global Branding & Design

How I'll Work With You

Oh boy... where do I start. Every Health & Safety company I've ever heard of shouts about how they're different. Well, here's the deal with Your Company Works:

  • You’ll get sensible, straight talking advice and help
  • You'll speak to me every time you call and you’ll be able to get hold of me quickly and easily by phone and email
  • I work with you rather than leaving you to do it (if you need me to that is!)

I think all of that makes me a little different... So what happens next?

We'll sit down over a cuppa and talk about where you've been, where you are now, and of course, what you want to want to achieve in both the short and long term. Whatever happens you'll get an honest, bespoke plan for your business.


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